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  • The Old Essex County Jail

    The haunting interior of a Newark jail constructed in the 1830s, currently occupied by a group of squatters.

  • The Loews 46th St. Theater

    The faded grandeur of a former movie palace in Borough Park.

  • Brooklyn Army Terminal Atrium

    Looking up at the incredible atrium inside Sunset Park's Brooklyn Army Terminal.

  • Grossinger's Resort

    Grossinger's Catskills Resort was once a favored upscale destination for Jewish New Yorkers. A summer at Grossinger's is said to be the inspiration for the movie "Dirty Dancing."

  • The Domino Sugar Refinery

    Paint peels in the now-demolished packaging plant of Williamsburg's Domino Sugar Refinery. The factory operated on the Brooklyn waterfront for nearly 150 years before shutting down in the early 2000s.

  • P.S. 186 Classroom

    Inside, bands of color project across a crumbling classroom.

  • Glenwood Power Plant

    Dubious rumours of gang initiations and satanic rituals abound in Yonkers' Glenwood Power Station, known locally as "the Gates of Hell." Its intricate interiors, designed by the same architects as Grand Central Terminal, were recently gutted in preparation for a hotel conversion.

  • Very Dirty Bathroom

    A population of pigeons have transformed the top floor of Creedmoor State Hospital's Building 25.

  • Creedmoor Mounds

    Formations accrue under the pipes of a sprinkler system the birds frequent.

  • Farm Colony Dormitory

    A dormitory teeters on the verge of collapse in the Staten Island Farm Colony, an institution constructed in the late nineteenth century to house and rehabilitate the city's poor.

  • The Red Hook Grain Terminal

    Rusty chutes in the highest reaches of the Red Hook Grain Terminal were used to deliver grain to massive concrete silos inside the structure. The technology became obsolete soon after its construction.

  • North Brother Island

    North Brother Island in the Bronx was the site of a historic hospital for contagious diseases. Today, it's designated as a wildlife preserve by the Parks department after being abandoned for half a century.

  • The Forgotten Battery

    At Fort Wadsworth, Staten Island, a previously unknown Civil War battery was partially unearthed by Hurricane Sandy.

  • Kings Park Craft Room

    Kings Park Psychiatric Center on Long Island was one of the largest mental institutions on the East Coast. A craft room on the ground floor still held looms, half finished rugs, and murals painted by patients.

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